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Investment Strategy

We intend to pursue an investment strategy that will leverage the operating capabilities of the team, including its real estate analysis and due diligence capabilities as well as its asset management expertise. The objective will be to take advantage of the investment opportunities that exist as a result of the fragmentation and inefficiencies of the property markets and the ongoing economic rationalisation of real estate ownership by the corporate and government sectors.

We differentiate ourselves from other similar investment companies in that we pursue transactions in terms of character and size, which are in demand in their local markets, thus enhancing multiple exit strategies. Typically individual investments will be in smaller (not more than £20 million and not less than £2 million) more liquid properties with solid cash flow and with opportunities to enhance value.

Through our investment process, investments will be sourced with value added potential. The real estate investment markets despite European Union economic and political convergence, remain fragmented and inefficient. As a consequence, risk is often mis-priced.

If the market is assessed correctly and properly analysed there are opportunities to spot this mis-pricing of risk and buy the investment at a discount to its true value.


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